Serious Wedding Dress Shopping: The Shopping Stage

Before the Fitting

Before you go out for your appointment, check your outfit and make-up. Wear comfortable clothing that you can slip on and off. Sweatpants, loose t-shirt and socks without holes to keep your feet warm is an ideal outfit. Wear comfortable shoes, a bra, and panties. Use a light touch with your make-up. Apply a minimal amount so you do not leave make-up on the dresses you try on.

Unless you are able to pull a 10-20 lb dress over your head, zip, button, and lace it up yourself, the sales people will have to help you in and out of the dresses. That means they will see you in your delicates! Plus, they will need to grab certain areas, such as the rear end, along your back, and maybe bust to either clip back extra dress material or to fix the shape of the dress and conform it to your body. Try not to be shy! Get comfortable! Strike up a conversation with your sales lady. Between dresses, try to pick topics that are geared away from your body and are very lighthearted. Laughter helps you relax in a tense situation-so laugh!

Wedding Dress Sizing

Wedding dress sales people will also have you try on dresses that are a size bigger than your true size. Usually, wedding dresses are two sizes larger than your street clothes. Remember, sizes will be different depending on the brand of the dress. Unfortunately, there is no standard size chart for designers. Measure your bust, waist, and hips before you try on any dresses if you are unsure about the size you will need. A friend can help you or you can ask a local seamstress.

The Right State of Mind

Wedding dress shopping is your experience, if you are not having a good time or you feel pressured in any way then stop. You cannot choose the perfect dress if you are not in the right place mentally. You do not want to associate the dresses you see with a bad shopping experience. You might dread the entire process!

Try on everything you like. This is supposed to be a fun experience for you. So try on any styles that appeal to you!

Ask the sales clerk if you can take pictures of the dresses before you try them on. If the boutique does not allow it, ask them for a catalog from the boutique, designer’s name, and style numbers of the dresses that you liked. You can always look up the designer’s website and check out their other dresses.

Now get out there and shop!